Intervention Schedule

2023 2024

From January 2023 to October 2024

  • Vegetal Component

  • Instrumental verification and VTA

  • Pruning and care of tree component

  • Felling of inconsistent tree elements

  • New vegetal component

  • Trail restoration

  • Restoration and seeding of lawns

From April 2023 to December 2023

  • Architectural Component
  • Greenhouse restoration

  • Nymphaeum restoration

  • New services and access (stable)

From February 2023 to September 2023

  • Plant Component

  • Reactivation of hydraulic equipment and potabilization system

  • Supply and installation of lighting

  • Control and reactivation of water collection and drainage systems

  • Construction of a purification system

  • Electric line and car charging station + WiFi cameras

From August 2023 to October 2024

  • Enhancement, safety, and accessibility component
  • Parapets and fences

  • Installation of cameras with software

  • Demolition and supply of new fire protection system

  • Supply and installation of new visitor system

  • Construction of new parking spaces and disabled accesses

  • Platform for tree and tool management and monitoring

  • Creation of aids for sight and tags for floriculture cataloging

  • Creation of signage and informational panels

  • Creation of digital platforms for reservations, etc.

  • Educational programs and involvement of universities

  • Promotional and educational campaigns

  • Local cuisine courses and involvement of sector operators

  • Web promotion software

  • Collaborations with IUAV and sector companies

  • Preparation of specific tools to assist disabled visitors.

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Other interventions on the Restoration and Enhancement Project of the garden of Villa di Maser in Maser concern the restoration of the nymphaeum, the restoration of the green spaces, the refitting and repositioning of the stable and the restoration of the greenhouses.

Villa di Maser is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Project is made possible thanks to funding from the European Union, Next Generation EU.