Villa di Maser

The Villa di Maser
returns to shine in the sign of Palladio

A splendid Palladian villa from 1550, UNESCO World Heritage.
Embrace Italian culture in one of the most suggestive places in the world.

Villa di Maser is a wise, harmonious, and balanced work that combines history, art, and daily life, surpassing the ages in a constant encounter and exchange between family spaces, territory, and community.

The restoration and enhancement project of the Villa di Maser garden is part of the PNRR program identified as:
”Programs to enhance the identity of places: historical parks and gardens”.

Villa di Maser

The interventions

Other interventions on the Restoration and Enhancement Project of the garden of Villa di Maser in Maser concern the restoration of the nymphaeum, the restoration of the green spaces, the refitting and repositioning of the stable and the restoration of the greenhouses.

The timetable

View the timetable with details of the interventions and execution times.

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Historical notes on Villa di Maser

Historical notes

Villa di Maser (also known as Villa di Maser Basadonna Manin Giacomelli Volpi) in Maser (Treviso) is a Venetian villa, built by Andrea Palladio between 1554 and 1558-1560 for the humanist Daniele Barbaro and his brother Marcantonio Barbaro, ambassador of the Republic of Venice, transforming the old medieval palace owned by the family into a splendid country residence.

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Endorsements and partners

Villa di Maser is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Project is made possible thanks to funding from the European Union, Next Generation EU.